Zap Studios was born from my passion for art and the people who create it. I want to showcase my own work but more than that, I want to help other artists find ways to sell theirs. That’s why my blog is full of information for people who are wondering how to sell art online.

When I was 8, I set up an art stand in the yard complete with braided yarn bracelets and original, handrawn crayon art. I found a few neighbors who were willing to play along and spend a few dollars on my masterpieces. From that moment on I knew my life would be that of an artist.

I’ve been selling my artwork in various forms online for over 15 years. Now I partner with other artists to help them find their success. I want your artwork to shine online whether you’re selling handpainted canvases on Etsy or designing t-shirts on Zazzle. Together we can create magic!

About Sarah
Born in and raised in Iowa, Sarah was coloring before she could talk. She holds an Associate Degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia. Sarah’s favorite mediums are digital art, colored pencil, and watercolor. She currently lives in Iowa with her husband and 2 kids.