Do You Need An Artist Website?

Long story short: yes but maybe not yet 😉

The idea of building a website from scratch can be overwhelming for many people. Is just the thought of making a website stopping you in your tracks? Do you really need one?

If you want to sell your art as a freelancer, or attract licensing agreements you will definitely want a website to showcase your art. Make sure you go the official route and get your own hosting and domain name. It won’t be free but it’s an investment that I don’t recommend skipping. First impressions matter, even online. You want visitors to your site to see a professional level site, not a freebie like I use Bluehost for my web hosting and run WordPress through them. It’s been a great experience for me and the price is right!

If your main focus right now is to build up passive income with print-on-demand sites or sell on marketplaces then a website is not needed but you may still want one. The print-on-demand site or marketplace can be your home base which you link to from social media accounts. The fallback here is that you (of course) don’t own the site or the content. They could shut down at anytime and you would be without a base. Another complication could occur if you join more than one company to sell your art. Suddenly your loyalties are divided. Which site do you link to? You no longer have one landing point for an interested customer.

Owning your own website and linking to print-on-demand sites and marketplaces can be a great way to bring all of your shop options together and give your customer a chance to get to know you. A website also opens up new opportunities for people to find you outside the marketplaces. However, you shouldn’t let the thought of making a website stop you from your dreams to sell your art online. If a website seems overwhelming then put it on the back burner while you work on uploading art to your favorite POD or marketplace.

Points to Keep In Mind:

  • A website can help people find you
  • It can be your digital business card
  • It can tell your story
  • It can help you sell more art
  • It can not create the art for you so focus on that first
  • If you’re a freelancer then you absolutely need a website
  • Make sure you go pro with your hosting and domain name

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