Sell Your Own T-Shirts With TeePublic

Last week I talked about the differences between active and passive income and why it’s best to find multiple ways to earn money when you’re starting your art business. Today I want to talk about one of my favorite places to earn passive income; TeePublic.

TeePublic is a print-on-demand company that prints products with designs submitted by independent artists. They started with t-shirts and have expanded their line to include many shirt styles, mugs, art prints, journals, stickers, and phone cases. Imagine seeing your art on products like that!

*I will receive a small comission if you click on the links above and join TeePublic. However, I never promote anything that I don’t personally use and love. 

Different products available at TeePublic

A sample of the products available at TeePublic

TeePublic is perfect for artists who are new to the world of print-on-demand. It’s super easy to get started and start selling right away. Of course the more you upload, the more you’ll sell but you get to decide how many designs you want to sell. Marketing yourself also goes a long way toward making more sales. However, TeePublic has a built in customer base so it is possible to sell without marketing.

I joined TeePublic in 2014 thinking it’d be nice to make a little extra money every month. I uploaded a few designs and then forgot about it, as you do. I did make a bit of money and was pretty happy with that but my focus was elsewhere. Then something crazy happened. A popular Facebook page shared one of my designs and the orders started pouring in. I made over $2,000 that month and the next month. Things eventually slowed down but then Christmas came along and sales boomed again. My eyes were opened! Since then I have tried to publish at least one new design every month. Some months are slow, some months are wild. That’s the nature of passive income. But, I get excited each month when that payment from TeePublic hits because I’m still wowed by the whole thing.

My favorite things about TeePublic:

  • Great commissions.
    The most popluar item is still the t-shirt and that will earn you $4 everytime someone buys one with your design on it.
  • Great community.
    It feels small over there, even though they’re rapidly growing. Real employees have reached out to me to offer aid when things change.
  • Opportunities for extra earnings:
    Receive commissions for promoting other artists
    Share the design opportunity with other artists and receive a bonus
  • Super easy to use. 
    Upload your image, name & tag the design. choose your products, and click Publish

Becoming a TeePublic Artist

This is the easy part! Just click this link —-> join TeePublic and sign up. You are now ready to start uploading and selling your art on TeePublic products.

Feel free to comment with any questions you may have. I’m always happy to help!

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