Where To Sell Your Art

Here are a few of my favorite places to sell art online. I will be reviewing them as I can for more detailed information about each opportunity.

Print on Demand Sites

Here you’ll find a good selection of products, a great community of artists and a sense of fun.

S6 has a really artsy feel to it. They have a great community and you can earn money by sharing work from other artists too.

Design and sell on various shirt styles, art prints, mugs, stickers and more. Read my review here.

There are not a lot of limitations at Zazzle – they have a huge offering of products. Commissions tend to be lower but some products really fit well here.

Online Marketplaces

Creative Market
Find and sell photos, illustrations, templates and more in this digital marketplace

I’ve been selling on Etsy for years and couldn’t be happier with this popular marketplace. There are fees involved but the large customer base makes up for it.

Gifts Less Ordinary
There is an application for this site as they are only interested in curating and selling certain types of work. Click through to see if you fit the bill!

Saatchi Art
Unlike other marketplaces, Saatchi is for art only. Painting, drawing, sculpting, and digital art can be sold here.

Commission Sites

Artists & Clients
Create a free profile, upload your art and wait for a buyer to contact you. The workflow is very simple & easy. 15% fee for each sale.

Perfect for painters! Create a free profile. When a buyer posts an art request you can bid on the work. If chosen, you create and ship the original piece. There is a 15% fee.

Sign up for free and post your art styles. Buyers can shop the various options and request art. Then you create the client’s custom piece. Sketchmob takes a 15% fee from the sale price.

The Commissioned
Start a free profile (upgrades available) and you can build your portfolio right away. When a buyer finds you they can contact you.